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--== About ==--

UPDATED 7/31/2011!
The Hampton Roads 2600 meeting is a monthly meeting of technology advocates with an emphasis towards security and perhaps politics. 2600 meetings take place on the 1st Friday of every month at the Pembroke Mall food court in Virginia Beach. 2600 meetings originated in New York City, and were started by (and take after) the print publication "2600 - The Hacker Quarterly." It is perhaps the oldest routine meeting with regards to computer security. Hampton Roads has been listed since ?2001?.

Local members from the community routinely help with the HOPE conference in NYC. We have locals that have been published in 2600 Magazine, Hackin9, MAKE, and others.

There has been an issue with attendance, and visibility. So from this point on, bring a 2600 magazine. The first person to the table, leave it out as a marker.

People do attend, but schedules get crazy. If there is no one there, don't just walk away! Help keep it going!

--== Resources ==--

The official 2600 webpage, with full meeting information and archives of the Off the hook radio show.

There is a message board for hr-2600 on the forum at HRGeeks.com (which we run)

We give shout outs to our neighbors:
nc2600.org (Raleigh),
va2600.net (Charlottesville),
and the Pentagon City meetings.

757labs.org: Hampton Roads Hackerspace.

--== Contact ==--

Try IRC channel: irc.757.org #hackerspace